Current Features

The following features are currently available in the platform and ready to use as a free beta user. We are currently releasing new features and modules every 2-3 weeks. Sign up for our release newsletter below to find out about new features.

  • Client profiles that allow you to save notes, track hours for services, store client account logins, save client assets, and upload reports and contracts eliminating spreadsheets and messy online folders.
  • Complete Stripe integration to create invoices and bill your clients for setup fees, retainer services, and hourly services. Tracking invoices and payments by check or cash is super easy as well.
  • The ability to set up services to be billed one-time, hours per month, or as a flat monthly rate. Service billing can also be designated to be fixed or renew month to month.
  • A KPI focused agency dashboard to see active services, monthly revenue, a services breakdown, hours by staff members, new clients & services, and your agency's top clients.
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Agency Maestro Preview

Browse through the following screenshots to see all of the current features available or just sign up to use Agency Maestro for FREE. We are currently in Beta and will be free for Agencies to use through the end of February. In March, we will be releasing paid user subscriptions starting at just $15 per user.

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